About Us

Pearls have always been a significant part of Joyce and Beatrice's life. This pair of sisters were brought up in their family's pearl business. They watched their parents, aunties and uncles work with pearls day in and day out. Over the last decade, as they started to reflect and further explore into their roots, they have started to appreciate, enjoy and cherish the nature of pearls. After all, this is what has raised the sisters. 


This is how the idea of Aesthetically came to life. A handmade pearl jewellery label that Joyce and Beatrice has established, to share and to spread the beauty of pearls for all to enjoy. 

The formation of pearls is truly amazing, and it resonates so much with the journey of life. Beauty that stems out from challenges of life. That is the message behind Aesthetically; life can get tough at times, but always remember that behind the challenges and obstacles, is a brand new you who is even stronger, more beautiful in its own way and shining with a lustrous aura. 

“We want this deeper message to be remembered by all, taught to young ones. We hope that our jewellery can make you feel empowered and confident to go through life.

We wish that the pieces we made with our hands today, can accompany you through various stages of your life. We can’t wait to see what you have achieved in life, with these pieces with you.”

Founders of Aesthetically. Left: Joyce Chan | Right: Beatrice Chan